Merit Badge Process

Below you will find the process to follow for earning merit badges

1)  Pick a subject that interests you.

Find a merit badge that aligns with that interest. 

A list of all merit badge can be found at

Read the requirements for that particular merit badge.

Review our Troop merit badge counselor list to see if there is a counselor for your merit badge listed.

If not, please contact Mr. Nielsen or Mrs. Blankenship

Receive a blue card from Mrs. Blankenship and have Mr. Nielsen sign it.


2) Pick a buddy.

You must have another person with you at every meeting with the merit badge counselor.

Your “buddy” can be another scout, a parent or guardian, a brother or sister, a relative or a friend. 

Another Scout working on the same badge can be a great buddy.


3) Call the merit badge counselor.

Contact the merit badge counselor and explain that you want to earn the merit badge.

                The counselor will set a time to discuss what is expected for that particular merit badge.

                At your first meeting, you and the merit badge counselor will review the requirements and any work you have already completed.

                Unless otherwise specified, work can be started at any time after you are registered with Scouts BSA.


4) Scout shows their stuff.

                When you are ready, call the counselor again to make an appointment to demonstrate the requirements you have completed.

                When you meet with the counselor, take along any completed work or documentation needed to show requirement completion.

                If items are intangible or too big to transport, you can take pictures or have an adult tell in writing what you have done.

                The counselor will test you to make sure you have met each requirement exactly as written.

                Though individual requirements for merit badges may not be modified or substituted, a scout with special needs may request approval for alternative badges they can complete as outlined in the Guide to Advancement.  Please discuss with Mrs. Blankenship if you have questions about this.


5) Get the Badge

                Once you have demonstrated that you have completed the requirements, the counselor will sign your blue card.  Then have Mr. Nielsen sign it again.

                Give Mrs. Blankenship your completed blue card.  She will record your accomplishment and will purchase your merit badge patch.

                You will receive your merit badge patch in the next Troop Court of Honor.

                Attach your newly earned merit badge on your sash.